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Claude vs. GPT: Which is better for writing?
In Type, you can summon writing assistance from two different AI providers: OpenAI and Anthropic.
Type StaffNovember 2
Speed Mode, Power Mode
Type has two AI modes to help you write: Speed and Power.
Type StaffOctober 30
Introducing prompt saving
You can now store your favorite writing prompts inside of Type.
Stew FortierOctober 18
Rewrite any text with AI
Starting today, you can instantly rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and entire posts directly inside of Type.
Stew FortierAugust 21
Type raises $2.8M to build a new kind of document editor
By Stew Fortier, co-founder & CEO
Stew FortierJune 14
Write faster and better with inline AI commands
How to use Type's in-document AI to stay in flow
Stew FortierMay 22
Introducing better, smarter writing with GPT-4
GPT-4 is now available inside of Type, and you can start writing with it today.
Stew FortierMay 15
Brainstorm, write, and rewrite with Type Chat
Type Chat is an in-document writing assistant powered by OpenAI's GPT-4.
Stew FortierMay 11