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Rewrite any text with AI
Introducing inline rewrites and brushes
Starting today, you can instantly rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and entire posts directly inside of Type.
Simply select some text in a document and tap the "AI" button in the floating toolbar.
Type's new AI rewrite feature will let you:
Rewrite sentences, paragraphs, and other text directly inline
Preview rewrites before accepting them
Instantly regenerate and compare rewrites
Store custom instructions in a history for easy reuse
You can try this for free starting today at Type.ai.
Introducing Brushes: an easy button for improving text
We've added one more feature to help you rewrite text even faster: Brushes.
A brush is like an "easy button" for common editing tasks, like fixing grammar errors or simplifying language. You'll see the full list of brushes when you open the new AI rewrite menu.
You can instantly summon the new rewrite menu by pressing Cmd+G (or Ctrl+G on Windows) after you highlight some text. And you can press Cmd+Enter (or Ctrl+Enter on Windows) to accept a rewrite.
To start using inline rewrites, just open a document in your Type account and highlight anything you'd like to improve.
Happy (re)writing!
About Type: Type is an AI-powered document editor that helps you write more, better, faster.