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Brainstorm, write, and rewrite with Type Chat
Type Chat is an in-document writing assistant powered by OpenAI's GPT-4.
It lives inside your Type documents and it's optimized to help with every part of the writing process.
It's particularly useful for finding good ideas, writing drafts, and rewriting things you’ve written.
Here's a quick breakdown on how to do each.
1. Finding good ideas
Imagine you're launching a new business.
Type Chat can help you figure out:
Who to sell to
A strategy for selling to them
SEO keywords to target
You could even ask Type Chat to help price your product.
If you need more tactical advice, you can ask for that too. “I write about [x topic]. What are some surprising ideas I could write about next?"
2. Writing drafts (of anything)
When you're ready to start writing, just ask Type Chat for a first draft.
You can tell it to write anything from individual tweets to full blog posts. It'll have the context from your chat history, so you won't need to re-explain many details.
When the AI writes something you like, you can drag it into your main document and start editing it.
3. Rewriting content
One of the best ways to write with AI is to write a crappy first draft yourself, then ask the AI to make it less crappy.
In Type, you can highlight any text in your document and ask Type Chat to articulate it more clearly.
Rewrite this for clarity. Make this more engaging. Fix any grammar issues. Make the call-to-action more compelling.
This can give you the best of both worlds: you bring the ideas, and Type’s AI spares you the tedium of finding all the right words to express them.
Start writing with AI
You can give Type Chat a spin in any of your documents now.
If you're on a free plan, Type Chat is powered by GPT-3.5-Turbo.
If you're on a paid plan, just enable "Power" mode in your settings and all of Type's AI commands will run on GPT-4.
Happy chatting!
About Type: Type is an AI-powered document editor that helps you write more, better, faster.