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AI Text Generator

Generate documents with substance and style.

Use Type to generate documents like cover letters, resumes, blog posts, and more. (Check out our template library for inspo.)

Link or upload external resources to make Type generate content with more substance and style. Whatever you upload remains private to you.

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AI Writing Suggestions

Find the perfect idea with real-time suggestions.

Get relevant recommendations as you write. Type’s AI analyzes your content to provide context-specific ideas, evolving alongside your document.

When you like a suggestion, copy it to your clipboard or have Type write it out for you.

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Write quicker with AI that lives at your cursor.

Summon writing help without breaking your flow. Type’s AI helps you craft copy faster by generating sentences, lists, and paragraphs directly at your cursor as you write. Think of it like autocomplete from the future.

Need more speed? Go even faster with Type’s keyboard shortcuts.

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AI Rewriter

Improve, shorten, lengthen, and simplify your writing.

Transform what you’ve already written. Type’s rewriting AI helps you hit the word minimum, fit the character limit, simplify jargon, and improve readability.

When Type’s rewrite options aren’t enough, you can use your own custom rewrite shortcuts.

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AI Writing Assistant

Chat with an AI writing assistant.

Type Chat helps you shape your ideas and find the right words to express them. Bounce ideas, expand passages, add more detail, translate, ask questions, and more.

Chat sits next to your document, so you can easily jump between writing and chatting.

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All inside a powerful, modern editor.

Type has the essential features you need from a modern word processor.

Full offline capability

Write anywhere, anytime, even without internet connection. Documents save locally and sync when you’re back online.

Multiple export file types

Export your document as a PDF, Word doc (DOC/DOCX), HTML, or Markdown file.

Flexible content formats

Embed images, code blocks, and math notation. Your content retains its format when copy-pasted in other sites, like Wordpress or Google Docs.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Navigate the app, edit your document, and summon AI help without leaving your keyboard.

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