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SmartQueue Enables Brightview Health System to Slash Wait Times by 38% and Boost Revenue by $1.2M

AI-powered scheduling platform drives dramatic efficiency gains and improved patient satisfaction

"SmartQueue has been a game-changer for our organization. Our patients are happier, our staff is more productive, and we're able to serve more people in our community. It's a win-win-win."

Dr. Jennifer Patel, Chief Medical Officer, Brightview Health System

About the Customer: Brightview Health System is a leading 5-hospital, 1,200-bed health system serving a major metropolitan area. As a forward-thinking organization committed to innovation and excellence, Brightview is constantly seeking ways to improve the patient experience and optimize operations.


Like many large health systems, Brightview was struggling to manage patient scheduling and throughput efficiently across its sprawling network of hospitals, clinics and diagnostic centers. Outdated scheduling processes led to frustrating bottlenecks, long patient wait times, and underutilized staff and resources.

"Our patient scheduling was a nightmare," Dr. Patel recalls. "We had different systems for different departments, no centralized visibility, and constant confusion and delays."

The problems didn't stop there. Brightview was dealing with:

  • Overwhelmed call centers with long hold times for scheduling
  • Frequent appointment delays and no-shows
  • Physician and staff burnout due to scheduling inefficiencies
  • Declining patient satisfaction scores

"We knew we had to do something," says Dr. Patel. "Our patients were unhappy, our staff was stressed, and it was impacting both our reputation and our bottom line. We were leaving money on the table because we couldn't get patients in and out efficiently."

Brightview realized they needed a more intelligent, integrated approach to patient scheduling—one that could streamline the entire patient journey, from initial scheduling to point-of-care. The status quo was no longer an option. It was time for a change.


Enter SmartQueue. Brightview implemented SmartQueue's AI-powered scheduling and workflow optimization platform across all its facilities—and the results were transformative.

"The implementation was incredibly smooth," recalls Dr. Patel. "The SmartQueue team worked hand-in-hand with us to integrate the platform into our ecosystem and train our staff. We were up and running in weeks, not months."

With SmartQueue, Brightview gained:

  • Real-time visibility into scheduling capacity and bottlenecks
  • Intelligent resource allocation to dynamically balance supply and demand
  • Mobile self-scheduling capabilities for patients
  • Automated appointment reminders and wait-time updates
  • Robust analytics to measure and optimize performance

"It was like the lights suddenly came on," describes Dr. Patel. "We could see exactly where the inefficiencies were and make data-driven decisions to address them. SmartQueue gave us the insights and tools to truly optimize our operations."

Perhaps most impactful was how SmartQueue transformed the patient experience. With user-friendly mobile scheduling, automated reminders, and transparent wait-time updates, patients were more informed, engaged and satisfied than ever.

"Our patients absolutely love the convenience and transparency SmartQueue provides," says Dr. Patel. "It's a huge differentiator for us in the market. We're not just meeting patient expectations—we're exceeding them at every turn."

With SmartQueue, Brightview transformed the entire patient experience. Wait times plummeted, staff productivity soared, and patient satisfaction scores skyrocketed. What was once a frustrating liability became a true competitive advantage.

"SmartQueue is the best thing that's happened to our health system in years," Dr. Patel affirms. "It's hard to imagine going back to the old way of doing things. With SmartQueue, we're not just optimizing scheduling—we're reinventing what's possible in patient care."


The impact of SmartQueue on Brightview's operations and patient experience has been nothing short of remarkable.

Since implementing the platform, Brightview has achieved:

  • 38% reduction in average patient wait times
  • 22% increase in daily appointment volumes
  • 15% improvement in patient satisfaction scores
  • 50% decrease in no-shows and late cancellations
  • $1.2M in additional annual revenue from improved throughput

"The results have been absolutely stellar," beams Dr. Patel. "We knew SmartQueue would make a difference, but we never imagined this level of impact. It's been a total game-changer."

Beyond the quantitative gains, SmartQueue has also driven significant qualitative improvements. Staff are more satisfied and engaged, freed from the frustrations of manual scheduling. Physicians can focus on patient care, not administrative burdens. And patients are raving about the improved experience.

"We're getting so much positive feedback from patients," shares Dr. Patel. "They love the convenience, the transparency, the reduced wait times. It's completely elevated their perception of our brand and services."

Perhaps most impressively, SmartQueue is enabling Brightview to serve more patients and generate more revenue—with the same staff and resources.

"That's the real power of SmartQueue," explains Dr. Patel. "We're not just doing things faster or easier—we're unlocking entirely new levels of capacity and growth. It's been an absolute revenue booster for the organization."

For Brightview, the ROI of SmartQueue couldn't be clearer—or more compelling.

"When we look at the efficiency gains, the patient experience improvements, the revenue growth—it's an absolute no-brainer," affirms Dr. Patel. "SmartQueue has delivered value beyond our wildest expectations. We couldn't be happier with the results."


With SmartQueue, Brightview Health System has transformed patient scheduling from a cumbersome liability into a powerful strategic asset. The platform's AI-powered scheduling, resource optimization, and patient engagement capabilities have unlocked massive efficiency gains, experience improvements, and revenue growth opportunities.

"SmartQueue has been an absolute revelation for our health system," concludes Dr. Patel. "It's not just a scheduling tool—it's a strategic differentiator. The results speak for themselves, and the partnership has been second to none. We couldn't be more thrilled with SmartQueue."

For Brightview, the future of patient scheduling is smart, streamlined, and deeply strategic—and SmartQueue is the partner making it possible.

Ready to transform your patient scheduling and unleash your health system's full potential?

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Tell an emotional story. People make decisions based on feelings, not just facts. Focus on the emotional side of the story - the frustration your customer felt before finding your solution, the relief and joy they experienced after. Make readers feel something.

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