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Subject: Design Sight + QuickVid

Hi Eva,

It was great to finally connect. I just signed up for QuickVid and am already impressed with what you've built.

Landing Page Redesign

As discussed, we propose a full overhaul of QuickVid's landing page. Our goal would be to communicate how QuickVid's product stands out relative to copy cats and more established competitors like Minvo and Framedrop.

Our process typically takes around 4 to 6 weeks and will cost $15,000 USD.


  • Async product, market, customer questionnaire
  • Initial research to understand your market and audience
  • 2x wireframes to layout the structure of the new site
  • 3x high-fidelity templates to consider
  • 2x rounds of high-fidelity designs
  • 2x fine-tuning designs to add polish and branding elements


  • Fully-responsive landing page design
  • Design files (Sketch/Adobe XD)
  • Implementation guidelines


  • 4-6 weeks


  • $15,000 USD (one-time)


  • Additional rounds of concepts and revisions are available for $1,000 per round.

We're happy to extend this landing page redesign to include new pages and deliverables, which would be charged hourly.

Work Samples

I've attached samples of our landing page work. Some notable clients we've designed landing pages for include:

  • Discord - Popular messaging and voice chat platform
  • Vividly - Trade promotion management software
  • Lumanu - One-stop payment solution for managing vendors

Product UI/UX Enhancements

As discussed, we can also offer ongoing UI/UX work on the core Quickvid product, focused on usability and aesthetics.

Notable clients

Please take a look at to see some recent projects we're able to share publicly. Below is a short list of some notable clients we've done UI/UX work for:

  • Semrush - SEO and digital marketing software suite
  • Eaze - Cannabis delivery service in California
  • Visa - Global payments technology company


We have a standard rate of $135 USD / hr, but we can reduce that with longer-term engagements (3 months or more).

3+ month retainer

  • $130 USD / hr
  • At least 20 hours per week for three months or more

Ad-hoc hours or 30-day rolling

  • $135 USD / hr
  • When no longer-term retainer is in place

Let me know if you have any questions and if you have an ideal start date in mind.

Speak soon,

Jordan Peters
Design Sight

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