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Subject: Simplifying spend management at Lumina

Hi Sophia,

I've been following Lumina's growth and I'm really impressed by what you and your team have accomplished. With such rapid expansion, I imagine keeping track of spend across the organization has become increasingly complex.

As a sales engineer at Wealthflow, I work with enterprise companies like yours every day to help them streamline their financial processes. Our platform is designed to automate many of the time-consuming tasks around tracking expenses, generating reports, and forecasting budgets.

I'd love to learn more about the specific challenges you're facing at Lumina and share some ideas about how Wealthflow could help. If you're open to it, I'd appreciate the opportunity to chat for just 10 minutes next week.

No hard sell, I promise! My goal is simply to understand your needs and see if there might be a fit.


Why should you write a B2B SaaS outreach email

Reaching out to someone you admire in the B2B SaaS world can be intimidating, but a well-crafted outreach email is the key to making a great first impression. A thoughtful message not only shows your respect for the person's expertise and achievements, but also demonstrates the value you believe they could bring to your business or project.

By taking the time to write a compelling and professional email, you can stand out from other SaaS professionals, showcase your unique perspective, and start building a relationship with a potential mentor, advisor, or collaborator who could help take your business to the next level.

How to write a B2B SaaS outreach email

When writing a B2B SaaS outreach email, begin by introducing yourself and your company. Explain your mission, target market, and notable accomplishments to give the recipient context and pique their interest.

Next, express your admiration for the person's work and why you believe connecting with them would be valuable. Be specific about which aspects of their expertise or experiences resonate with you, and how their insights could contribute to your growth and success.

Provide a clear call-to-action, whether it's requesting a short meeting, asking for advice on a specific challenge, or inviting them to try out your product. Make it easy for them to understand what you're asking and why it's worth their time.

Finally, close your email by reiterating your appreciation for their work and the opportunity to connect. Provide your contact information and let them know you're happy to work around their schedule.

You could also use Type, an AI-powered document editor that helps you write smarter. Our library has dozens of expert-curated templates to choose from, like this sample B2B SaaS outreach email.

How to use this template

Here's how to go from our general template to a personalized B2B SaaS outreach email in just a few clicks.

  1. Open up Type, click "New Document," and select the "B2B SaaS Outreach Email" template from the gallery.
  2. Under "knowledge sources," you can include a link to the person's website, LinkedIn profile, or any articles, interviews, or content that showcases their expertise. This will give the writing AI more context to work with.
  3. Hit "Generate," and watch as Type's writing AI creates a custom outreach email for you in seconds.
  4. Refine the email with our Rewrite brushes. You can adjust the tone, shorten the text, enhance readability, and more.
  5. Add your own personal touches and specific details about why connecting with this person would be valuable for you and your business. If you need some ideas, brainstorm with Type Chat, a chatbot that lives right next to your document.
  6. When you're done, ask Type to review your work for any grammar or spelling mistakes. A polished, error-free outreach email will help you make a professional first impression.
  7. Export your completed B2B SaaS outreach email from Type and send it to the person you admire. You're on your way to a potentially game-changing connection!

Best practices and tips for success

Before you start writing, do your homework. Some key things to consider:

  • The person's background, areas of expertise, and recent projects or accomplishments
  • Any shared interests, experiences, or connections you may have
  • The best way to reach them (email, LinkedIn, etc.) and what to include in the subject line
  • How this person's insights could uniquely benefit you and your business

Personalize your message: Show that you've done your research and are reaching out to this person for a reason. Generic emails are easy to ignore.

Highlight your value: Explain what makes you and your business unique and why connecting could be mutually beneficial (opportunity to share their expertise, get early access to your product, etc.).

Have a clear ask: Make it obvious what you're hoping to get from the interaction, whether it's a quick call, advice on a specific topic, or a product trial.

Keep it concise: Your recipient is likely very busy. Keep your email focused and engaging, ideally no more than a few paragraphs.

Proofread carefully: A well-written email shows you're professional and detail-oriented. Double-check spelling, grammar, names, and links before sending.

How to access this template

Getting started with this B2B SaaS outreach email template is easy. Just log into your Type account and open a new document.

Once you're in the document editor, select the "Generate" button to open the "Generate Draft" menu. Tap "Use template →" to open the template menu, where you can choose "B2B SaaS Outreach Email" from the options.

Your turn

Reaching out to someone you admire in the B2B SaaS space can be nerve-wracking, but writing an effective outreach email is the essential first step in building a valuable connection and growing your business. Let Type and our expertly designed template help you craft an email that makes an impact.

Try it out and see how easy it is to create a compelling, professional B2B SaaS outreach email in minutes. The person you look up to is waiting to hear from you - use Type to take that first step.

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