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Introducing "Turn Every Page"—An inside look at the Robert A. Caro Archive.

This is the first public exhibition drawn from the archive of the author whose works on Robert Moses and LBJ are masterpieces of modern biography and history.

[Image of Robert Caro working at his desk]

You'll see Caro's meticulous process as a reporter, biographer, and historian firsthand:

  • Research notebooks
  • Scrapbooks and photographs
  • Original manuscript pages
  • His trusty Smith Corona typewriter

Caro leaves no stone unturned, and neither does this exhibit.

The archive is essential for:

  • Historians
  • Journalists
  • Students

...and anyone curious about 20th-century American history and literature.

You'll find materials here available nowhere else, illuminating how Caro became the country's premier chronicler of political power.

We've also launched a video series, "Inside the Robert A. Caro Archive," featuring exclusive interviews with Caro himself.

Watch now and discover more about the making of his groundbreaking works:

[Link to video series]

Planning a visit? Be sure to stop by the NYHistory Store to browse our collection of Caro's classic books, including The Power Broker, Working, and the LBJ series.

You can see the archive in person at the New-York Historical Society.

Get tickets: [Link to tickets]

Why should you write a Twitter thread to announce news or updates

Sharing important news or updates about your company on Twitter is a great way to keep your audience informed and engaged. By crafting a well-written Twitter thread, you can provide valuable information, generate excitement, and encourage your followers to take action.

Writing a Twitter thread to announce news serves several key purposes:

  • Reach a wide audience. Twitter has a massive user base, giving you the opportunity to share your news with a large and diverse audience. A compelling thread can help your announcement gain traction and reach even more people through retweets and shares.
  • Provide context and details. A thread allows you to give more context and information than a single tweet. You can break down complex topics, provide background details, and tell a more complete story about your news or update.
  • Encourage engagement. By ending your thread with a call-to-action, such as asking for feedback or directing people to a landing page, you can encourage your audience to interact with your announcement and take the next step.
  • Control the narrative. Posting your own thread lets you control how the information is presented and framed. You can emphasize the key points you want your audience to take away and preemptively address any questions or concerns.
  • Establish thought leadership. Sharing newsworthy updates and insights helps position your company as a leader in your industry. It shows that you are active, innovative, and have your finger on the pulse of what's happening in your field.

By taking the time to plan and write an engaging Twitter thread, you can make a bigger impact with your news and updates, driving awareness and action from your audience.

Writing a Twitter thread is easy with Type, the AI-powered writing assistant that helps you create compelling content.

How to write a Twitter thread to announce news

Start your Twitter thread with an attention-grabbing headline that clearly communicates the main news or update you are sharing. This could be a new product launch, a major milestone, an upcoming event, or any other newsworthy item.

In the next few tweets, provide more context and details about your announcement. Explain why it matters to your audience and how it will benefit them. Use clear, concise language and break up your text with line breaks, emojis, and relevant hashtags.

Consider including multimedia elements like images, GIFs, or videos to make your thread more visually engaging. This could be product photos, infographics, or behind-the-scenes footage.

End your thread with a clear call-to-action, directing your audience to take the next step. This could be visiting a landing page to learn more, signing up for a waitlist, or sharing the news with their own followers.

You could also use Type and our library filled with expert-curated templates to choose from, like this sample Twitter thread.

How to use this template

Here's how to go from our general template to a polished Twitter thread in just a few clicks.

  1. Open up Type, click "New Document," and select the "Twitter thread (announcement)" template from the gallery.
  2. Under "knowledge sources," you can include a link to a press release, blog post, or any other background information about your news. This will give the writing AI more context to work with.
  3. Hit "Generate," and watch as Type's writing AI creates a custom Twitter thread for you in seconds.
  4. Refine the thread with our Rewrite brushes. You can adjust the tone, shorten the text, enhance readability, and more.
  5. Add your own personal touches and brand voice. If you need some ideas, brainstorm with Type Chat, a chatbot that lives right next to your document.
  6. When you're done, ask Type to review your work for any grammar or spelling mistakes. A polished, error-free thread will help your company look professional and credible.
  7. Copy and paste your completed thread into Twitter, adding in line breaks, emojis, hashtags, and multimedia elements as needed. Your news is ready to share with the world!

Best practices and tips for success

Keep it concise: Each tweet should be focused and easy to read. Avoid long blocks of text or complicated jargon. Remember, you only have 280 characters per tweet to make your point.

Use visuals: Tweets with images, GIFs, or videos tend to get more engagement. Incorporate multimedia elements to make your thread more eye-catching and shareable.

Incorporate hashtags: Include relevant hashtags to make your thread more discoverable to people outside your existing follower base. But don't go overboard - one to two hashtags per tweet is plenty.

Engage with replies: As people start commenting on your thread, take the time to respond and engage in conversation. This helps build a sense of community and shows that you value your audience's feedback.

Pin the thread: Once your thread is posted, pin it to the top of your profile so it's the first thing people see when they visit. This will help extend its reach and impact over time.

How to access this template

Getting started with this Twitter thread template is easy. Just log into your Type account and open a new document.

Once you're in the document editor, select the "Generate" button to open the "Generate Draft" menu. Tap "Use template →" to open the template menu, where you can choose "Twitter thread (announcement)" from the options.

Your turn

Sharing news and updates on Twitter is a powerful way to keep your audience informed and engaged. Let Type and our proven template help you craft compelling threads in a fraction of the time.

Try Type out and see how easy it is to create impactful, professional Twitter threads that drive awareness and action.

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