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Aniyah Johnson
+1 (620) 412-2134

Mariane Clarke
VP of Marketing, Airbnb
627 Broadway
New York, NY 10012

Hi Mariane,

I'd love to be considered for the Brand Strategy Lead position at Airbnb.

I am deeply passionate about marketing, branding, and storytelling. I also love traveling and was even an Airbnb host briefly in 2018.

Over the last five years, I worked in various branding and marketing positions at Google. The job description for the role at Airbnb reminded me of the work I did there. Specifically:

  • I have deep expertise developing and writing creative briefs. I spent about half of my time at Google doing heads-down execution work, most of which involved drafting creative briefs, soliciting edits and feedback, and owning the revision process to completion. I noticed the emphasis on cross-functional collaboration in your job description – this sort of collaborative process been core to my work the past three years.
  • I've developed an effective process for defining positioning and go-to-market strategies. During my time at Google, I played a key role in defining go-to-market strategy for YouTube Shorts. I spearheaded a new process for how we positioned new products and defined our GTM tactics. Some of the insights I gleaned while talking to YouTubers were key to how we ended up differentiating our Shorts product from TikTok. I feel much of this would translate well to Airbnb's customer-centric processes you mentioned in the job description.

Before Google, I worked for two years as a marketing associate at a boutique marketing agency in Seattle called Davies + Dixon. I loved my time there and learned an enormous amount from the small business owners who hired us to manage their marketing.

Those clients remind me a lot of Airbnb hosts, who are also small business owners. Two projects I worked on there seem relevant:

  • I developed the branding and marketing strategy for a small bed & breakfast. One of our clients was a 10-unit bed & breakfast in the Pacific Northwest. I got to learn directly from the owner the specific challenges that hospitality businesses face while trying to stay occupied. I learned the details of what makes for a great guest stay and what sort of messaging resonates for new guests considering a visit. I feel strongly I can develop messages for Airbnb that speak deeply to the desires and needs of hosts.
  • I managed multi-channel campaigns for multiple clients at one time. Given how small of an agency we were, I took on a lot of responsibility very quickly. I would manage the strategy and execution for 3-4 clients at any given time, which meant buying ads, writing and editing creative, and measuring performance and ROI across paid and organic channels. I saw that this role will likely manage quite a few channels and projects at once – I feel energized and confident in my ability to do that well.

I am excited at the thought of discussing this role with you and potentially bringing my my unique blend of skills and experience to Airbnb.

Thank you for considering me, and I'd love the opportunity to discuss Airbnb's mission and the marketing team's goals this year.

Warm regards,

Aniyah Johnson

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