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Subject: Referral request for Content Marketing role at Figma,

Hi Antonio,

I hope you’re doing well!

Roughly 3 months ago, I was impacted by my company’s reorg that laid off 20% of my team. Since then, I’ve been on the job hunt, and while searching, I noticed Figma is hiring for a Content Marketing position (  

Would you be open to providing a referral for me? If so, please let me know if you need anything else from me, such as an email address or resume. 

Thank you so much, and I hope we can catch up soon—hopefully to celebrate being coworkers again!

Best regards,


When searching for a new job, tapping into your network can be one of the most effective strategies. Requesting a job referral from a friend, former colleague, or acquaintance who works at your target company can significantly boost your chances of landing an interview.

A well-crafted referral request message allows you to leverage your existing connections to get your foot in the door. It's an opportunity to showcase your qualifications, express your interest in the company, and explain why you would be a great fit for the role.

Some key benefits of writing job referral request messages include:

  • Getting your application noticed and considered by the hiring team
  • Bypassing the initial screening process for a better chance at an interview
  • Gaining insider insights about the company and role from your contact
  • Demonstrating your proactive approach and genuine interest in the position
  • Strengthening your professional relationships and expanding your network

By sending thoughtful, personalized referral requests to the right people, you'll be able to uncover more job opportunities and increase your odds of getting hired at your dream company.

Template of how to ask a job referral

Subject: Referral for [JOB] role at [COMPANY]

Hi [referrer’s name],

I hope you’re doing well! [insert a brief, personal sentence about your connection here]

[Why you’re job hunting or what you’re looking for in your next role]. While searching, I noticed XYZ Company is hiring for a [job title] position: [LINK TO OPPORTUNITY]

[Insert 1-2 sentences about why you’d be good for the role]. Would you be open to providing a referral for me? I’ve attached my resume, but let me know if you need anything else from me.

Thank you so much!

Best regards,

[your name]

Best practices and tips for requesting a referral

Choose the right person to ask. You’re more likely to be successful the better you know the person and the closer they are to the role you’re applying for. 

Send a newly posted role. Securing an interview can be difficult even with a referral if the open position has been up for a while, depending on the organization’s talent process. 

Keep it brief and to the point. Be considerate of your potential referrer’s time. Don’t waste time with apologies, extra details, or any other fluff.

Make it easy for them. Include everything they might need to make the referral, including your resume, contact info, and why you’re interested in the role. Cutting down on potential back and forth keeps your request effortless.

Remember people usually want to help. Most people are happy to provide a referral, and many companies offer financial incentives if someone they refer is hired. 

A referral is a vote of confidence in you. Make sure your contact has all the information they need to feel good about recommending you and helping you take this next step in your career.

How to use this template to ask for a referral

Here's how to go from our general template to a personalized referral request message in just a few clicks.

  1. Open up Type, click "New Document," and select the "Referral request message" template from the gallery.
  2. Under "knowledge sources," you can include a link to the job description, your resume, or your LinkedIn profile. This will give the writing AI more context to work with.
  3. Hit "Generate," and watch as Type's writing AI creates a custom referral request for you in seconds.
  4. Refine the message with our Rewrite brushes. You can adjust the tone, shorten the text, enhance readability, and more.
  5. Add your own personal touches and specific details about your background and interest in the role. If you need some ideas, brainstorm with Type Chat, a chatbot that lives right next to your document.
  6. When you're done, ask Type to review your work for any grammar or spelling mistakes. A polished, error-free message will help you maintain your professionalism.
  7. Copy your completed referral request message from Type and paste into an email or LinkedIn inbox to send to your contact!

Your turn

Writing job referral requests may feel awkward at first, but with practice, you'll gain confidence in leveraging your network. The more personalized, purposeful messages you send, the higher your chances of getting your application prioritized.

Use the tips and template provided here as a starting point, then use Type make them your own. Identify contacts who can genuinely vouch for you, and let your enthusiasm for the role and company come through in your outreach.

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