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This is a day in the life of a volcanologist in Costa Rica.

Yep, you heard that right – I study volcanoes. Here's a glimpse into my daily routine.

My day begins bright and early at 6am. The first order of business: coffee [show you pouring a cup of coffee]. Then I'll review some seismic data that came in yesterday [show footage of computer screen with data].

By 7:30, I'm out the door and on my way to gather gas samples from fumaroles [show footage of hiking]. The view from the crater rim never ceases to amaze me [show view from crater rim]. I mean, come on.

I return to the lab by 11 to conduct tests and analyze data [show lab equipment]. Believe me, volcanoes produce a lot of data.

A noon lunch meeting with my team to discuss some unusual volcanic activity [show team members]. And I'll spend the rest of the afternoon analyzing satellite images, drafting reports, and updating hazard assessments [show satellite imagery and reports].

Fieldwork can be unpredictable - sometimes, I'll find myself camping on the side of a volcano for days [show footage of camping]. But, most nights, I'm back home by 7, just in time for dinner and to watch some lava videos on YouTube - just kidding, ya'll. I'm watching The Crown tonight [show footage of Netflix launching on the TV].

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