Chat with AI designed to help you write better.

Type Chat is the AI writing assistant designed to help you write clearly and effectively.

Type Chat combines the most powerful AI language models with an intuitive writing workflow to help you write better.

Trained to write

Type Chat has been trained to give high-quality writing and editing assistance.

Powered by the best AI

Type Chat is powered by state-of-the-art AI models, like Anthropic’s Claude 3 and OpenAI’s GPT-4.

Lives inside your document

Type Chat lives directly inside your document. It knows what you’re writing – you can even drag and drop its suggestions directly into your doc.

Chat until you find great ideas and the words to express them.

Type Chat is designed to help at every stage of your writing process, including the crucial “non-writing” stages like brainstorming and getting feedback on your work.

Find great ideas

Writing is easier once you’ve found an idea you’re excited about. Use Type Chat to brainstorm ideas, think out loud, and do research – all in service of finding an idea worth sharing.

Write anything

When you have an idea you’d like to see drafted up, just tell Type Chat. It can generate anything from headline ideas to entire articles. Just drag and drop anything you like into your document.

Rewrite and polish your draft

Can’t seem to find the right words? Just highlight any text in your document and ask Type Chat to improve it.

Get actionable feedback

Type Chat can serve as a professional editor for your work – just ask what it thinks about your writing. It can even make the edits it suggests.

Get started with a template.

Select an expert-curated writing template and Type’s AI will fill it out with your ideas.

Loved by writers, founders, marketers, and busy professionals.

Whether you run your own business, write a blog, or just need to communicate effectively with your co-workers, Type is your tool.

Type is for

Racquel Narciso
branding & creative lead
"Type jumpstarts the creative process and banishes the blank page. Underneath its gorgeous UI are powerful features for generating ideas, querying your document, experimenting with different models, and formatting your work with ease."

Type is for

Dan Li
ceo & Co-founder, Plus
"With Type, our blog writing is faster, better, and easier than ever before. In 3 months, our organic search traffic grew by 120%."

Type is for
Business Owners

Stephanie Riel
"Type is a game changer for me and my business! It's one of those products I find more and more utility from every day. I use it to help me with everything from writing copy and doing research to editing my work. I'm a Type fan for life."

Type is for

Brandon Burns
"I've had an incredible experience using Type! It helps me easily transform my text, and it uses my document as context to ensure my writing is consistent and coherent. I recommend Type to anyone looking to enhance their writing and productivity."

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