Cold outreach email (problem-solving) template

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Subject: Shorten your SDRs ramp time

Hey Jared,

I noticed Innovix is expanding the sales team. You're probably strategizing on ramping new SDRs quickly.

Our customers often struggle with long ramp times and inconsistent emails.

SalesGenie AI's real-time coaching is helping Shopify's reps onboard faster and consistently boost pipeline.

Can we discuss how we could help your SDRs excel?


Why Send a Cold Outreach Email?

Most cold emails are white noise in the inbox – ignorable at best, annoying at worst.

To reach decision makers and build pipeline, you need to capture attention and communicate the value you can deliver — but how?

That's why we built this cold email framework. Crafted by sales veterans and road-tested across industries, it's a proven framework for turning cold contacts into warm leads. It’s designed to help you book more meetings and build pipeline – without the guesswork and grunt work.

How to Use This Template

Here's how to go from template to polished email in just a few clicks:

  1. Open up the Type app, click "New Draft," and select the “Cold Outreach Email” template from the gallery.
  2. Under Knowledge Sources, upload information on your industry, your customers, the challenges you solve, the results you can deliver, and any other background.
  3. Hit “Generate Draft” – and watch as Type spins up a custom cold email for you in seconds.
  4. Polish the email with our Rewrite brushes to find the exact word choice you want and dial in your voice and tone.
  5. Make sure to personalize the message for your recipient – for example, by making sure your opening line is friendly and personal.
  6. When you’re done, paste the polished message into your email platform, CRM or sales engagement platform.
  7. Schedule your send – and your email is ready to go.

Tips for Success

Do your homework. Take a few minutes to research your prospect so you can craft a tailored message. Personalization can make all the difference between radio silence and "let's talk."

Keep it short. Attention spans are shorter than ever. Aim for 100 words or less to respect your reader's time – and boost your results.

Back it up with numbers. Anyone can claim results, but real numbers stand out. Weave in a quantitative result you’ve delivered or a relevant stat to establish value. 

Experiment. Some audiences respond better to founders, others to account execs. Testing different delivery windows can also impact your results. Take an experimental approach.

Don't get blocked. Avoid red flags that can land you in the spam folder, like using overly salesy language or sending files and attachments. Follow best practices for best results.

Follow up fearlessly. Most booked meetings come from the second or third email, not the initial outreach – so don't be afraid to nudge your prospect. Persistence pays off.

How to Access This Template

Getting started is easy. Just log into your Type account, click "New Draft," and select the "Cold Outreach Email" template. 

Your Turn

No more guessing games. It's time to craft cold emails you can actually send with confidence.

Grab our proven template and start sending better cold emails today.

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