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Ever wonder how Krispy Kreme makes the perfect donut?

The secret lies in their original 1937 recipe, which is still closely guarded. But here's a peek at what we do know.

It all starts with the yeast, which makes Krispy Kremes lighter than your average cake donut. They combine this with other ingredients and mix it for exactly 14 minutes [show mixing machine].

Next up, the dough gets some TLC. It's kneaded then checked to make sure it's at a perfect 87 degrees [show temperature gauge]. Then, it takes a 10-minute power nap in a hopper [show dough in hopper].

The dough is then passed into an air-pressurized chamber, where the air pushes it through a cutter, transforming it into those iconic rings [show dough being cut]. They're then baked for half an hour [show proofing box].

Finally, the two steps you probably know: a two-minute dip in the fryer [show frying process] and a journey through the iconic glaze waterfall for that final, delectable touch [show glaze waterfall].

So there you have it - from humble beginnings to sugary perfection. That is the answer to the timeless question...

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