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Subject: Meet Type | AI writing, editing, and rewriting

Hey [Name]! Stew here, CEO of Type.

We've all been there. Staring at a blinking cursor. Waiting for inspiration. Wondering why the words just won't come.

But what if you had a writing sidekick that could help you punch through those creative blocks – and find the exact words you want in seconds?

That's what we've been building at Type. Get ready to unlock a whole new level of creativity.

Effortless Editing with Type's AI Rewrite

With Type's AI Rewrite, you can elevate your writing with advanced language models.

Select any text. Tap “AI.” And watch as our language models generate custom suggestions to improve your writing.

Whether you're looking to simplify complex ideas or adapt your tone for different audiences, AI Rewrite is your new secret weapon.

Here's how to get started:

  1. Select the text you want to transform, whether it's a sentence, paragraph, or even a whole document.
  2. Click the "AI" button in the toolbar or use the ⌘ + G shortcut.
  3. Watch as Type generates multiple a custom rewrite tailored to your content.
  4. Accept Type’s rewrite – or generate another new

Brush Up Your Writing: One-Click Editing

We've taken AI Rewrite to the next level with Brushes, a set of one-click tools for common writing tasks.

Think of Brushes as your personal writing assistant, ready whenever you need them.

Need to simplify a complex paragraph? There's a Brush for that.

Want to make your writing easier to read? There's a Brush for that, too:

Improved Prompt Library: Save and Organize Commands

You asked, we listened. We've revamped the Prompt Library to make it easier to save, organize, and access your go-to writing commands.

Your prompts sync across your phone, tablet, and computer, so they're always just a click away.

Create custom categories, pin your most-used prompts, and sync your library across all your devices.

Ready to discover the power of AI-enhanced writing? Open a document in Type, highlight the text you want to transform, and get started.

We can't wait to hear how AI Rewrite helps you smash writer's block – and fall in love with writing again.

Your stories inspire us to keep pushing the boundaries of what's possible where creativity and technology intersect.

Stew and the Type Team

Why Send A Product Launch Email?

A well-crafted product launch email is the key to driving excitement, adoption, and revenue from day one. It's your chance to showcase your new product to the world, build buzz among your target audience, and inspire them to take action.

Your subscribers are busy, and their inboxes are crowded. With a compelling launch email, you can cut through the noise – and get them fired up about your new offering.

But writing an effective launch email is easier said than done.

We've all been there: staring at a blank screen, struggling to find the right words to showcase your new product. You know you need to capture attention, communicate value, and inspire action—but how?

That's why we created this product launch template comes in. We've poured our email marketing expertise into a proven framework that takes the guesswork out of writing high-converting launch campaigns – so you can craft emails your readers will be excited to read.

How to Use This Template

Here's how to go from template to polished email in just a few clicks:

  1. Open up the Type app, click "New Draft," and select the “Product Launch Email” template from the gallery.
  2. Upload your core product details in the knowledge sources — name, launch date, key benefits, target audience, and so on.
  3. Click "Generate Draft" and watch Type transform your outline into a cohesive, persuasive email in seconds.
  4. Take your email to the next level with our Rewrite brushes. Make edits to improve your word choice, dial up the urgency, or hit just the right emotional note.
  5. Give it a final polish – and you’re ready for launch.

Tips for Success

Drive curiosity. Nail your email opener with a subject line and preview text that hint at what’s inside – without giving everything away. Make readers curious from the jump.

Spotlight benefits, not just features. Help readers envision how your product will improve their lives. Put their needs, interests, and desires first.

Write like you're emailing a friend. Imagine you’re sitting down with your ideal customer, having a coffee. Use the same natural, conversational tone you'd use face-to-face.

Prioritize clarity and focus. Every element of your email should propel readers toward your core message and CTA. Cut ruthlessly. Use clear, skimmable formatting.

Show, don’t just tell. Add in product photos or animated GIFs that highlight what’s awesome about your new release – so readers can see your new feature in action and get excited.

Follow up with value. Your launch email is just the start of the conversation. Help them get started with helpful resources, tips, and guides.

How to Access This Template

Getting started is easy. Just log into your Type account, click "New Draft," and select the "Product Launch Email" template. 

Your Turn

In just minutes, you could have a high-impact email that showcases your product and drives action.

Ready to write a product launch email that stands out? Open up Type – and let our AI assistant be your copilot.

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