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Make something

The best way to refine an idea is to make something.

Build a demo of the feature you’ve been thinking about. Sketch a storyboard for the scene you want to film. Write the new song you've been humming.

When you make something, you create clarity. You move a conversation from the abstract to the concrete. You spend your energy on real problems, not imagined ones.

Apple does this when they build new products.

Ken Kocienda, an engineer on the original iPhone team, wrote:

Demos were fundamental to our work at Apple. We used them to highlight the potential, explore the concepts, show the progress, prompt the discussion, and drive the decisions for making our products.

Demos were a company-wide ritual at Apple, with Steve Jobs deeply involved. He’d offer his exacting opinions on seemingly minute product details, down to the individual interactions on the keyboard.

Something similar was also true of how Apple built the hardware for the iPhone. They tested out, and later invented, countless new materials to get to an experience they were satisfied with.

They didn’t spend time writing down a set of product principles that would guide them. Instead, according to Kocienda, they let their approach “flow from the work.”

The process of making something reveals what you really believe.

When you make stuff, you also figure out if your ideas are any good to begin with. It wasn't until the Wright Brothers tried to fly their first glider that they realized the accepted aerodynamic theories and equations of their day were wrong.

It's too easy to weasel out of important details when you let your ideas stay locked in your head. Reality has a surprising amount of detail!

When you try to explain or clarify an idea, words can only get you so far.

To get the rest of the way, make something.

Related: I've always loved this video of Pharrell discovering Maggie Rogers. They spend the first couple minutes discussing her background, but it isn't until he hears her music that he fully grasps what makes her special.

Why you should write a blog post sharing your opinion

Writing a blog post that expresses your opinion is a powerful way to share your unique perspective, encourage discussion, and establish yourself as a thought leader. A well-crafted opinion piece allows you to dive deep into a topic you're passionate about, providing valuable insights to your readers.

Here are some key reasons to write an opinion blog post:

  • Articulate your viewpoint. An opinion post gives you the space to fully flesh out your stance on an issue in a way that a short social media post can't. It's a chance to comprehensively explain your position and reasoning.
  • Spark engagement and conversation. By taking a clear stance on a relevant or even controversial topic, you can encourage your readers to share their own views in the comments. This helps build a sense of community and dialogue around your ideas.
  • Showcase your expertise. Sharing a well-reasoned, insightful opinion piece demonstrates your deep knowledge of a subject. It positions you as an expert worth listening to and can open up opportunities.
  • Stand out with original thinking. In a sea of neutral, factual blog posts, an opinion piece that argues a strong point of view really stands out. It shows you're a confident thinker with unique ideas to contribute.
  • Attract like-minded readers. Expressing your opinion helps you connect with readers who share your perspective. It can attract a loyal following of people eager to hear your take on industry issues.

By taking the time to write an opinion blog post, you can build your personal brand, engage your audience, and drive meaningful conversations in your space.

Writing a compelling opinion piece is easy with Type, the AI-powered writing assistant that helps you express yourself clearly and persuasively.

How to write an opinion blog post

Start your opinion blog post with a strong thesis statement that clearly expresses your main argument or point of view on the topic. This could be a bold claim, a thought-provoking question, or an intriguing hook.

In the body of your post, expand on your main argument with supporting points, evidence, and examples. Use a logical flow to walk readers through your reasoning. Incorporate data, quotes, anecdotes, and links to relevant research to back up your stance.

Aim to present a nuanced perspective that acknowledges other viewpoints and potential limitations to your argument. Showing that you've considered the issue from multiple angles enhances your credibility.

Conclude your post by reinforcing your main point and leaving readers with a strong takeaway. You could end with a forward-looking question or call-to-action to encourage further discussion.

You could also use Type and our library filled with expert-curated templates to choose from, like this sample opinion post.

How to use this template

Here's how to go from our opinion blog post template to a polished piece in just a few steps:

  1. Open up Type, click "New Document," and select the "Opinion Blog Post" template from the gallery.
  2. Under "knowledge sources," include links to articles, research, or other content you want to reference in your post to give the AI more context.
  3. Hit "Generate," and watch as Type's AI creates a draft post for you in seconds, based on your selected topic and sources.
  4. Refine the post with our Rewrite brushes. Adjust the tone, make the language more engaging, add persuasive elements, and more.
  5. Infuse the post with your unique voice and perspective. Add personal stories, thought-provoking questions, and your distinct style. If you need inspiration, brainstorm with Type Chat.
  6. When you're done, ask Type to review your post for any grammar, spelling, or clarity issues. A polished, error-free post will help you come across as credible and authoritative.
  7. Copy your Type document into your blogging platform and hit publish! The Type editor counts your words so you can hit your target post length.

Best practices and tips for success

Have a focused argument: Your opinion post should make one clear, overarching point. Avoid meandering or trying to argue too many ideas at once.

Support your claims: Use evidence, examples, and links to reputable sources to give weight to your argument. Opinions are more convincing when backed by facts.

Acknowledge other perspectives: Show readers you've thought deeply about the topic by addressing potential counterarguments. This enhances your credibility.

Engage readers emotionally: Use vivid language, storytelling, and thought-provoking questions to make readers feel invested in your argument.

Write a strong headline: Craft an intriguing, specific headline that makes a bold statement or poses a juicy question to entice readers to click.

Promote your post: Share your opinion piece on social media, in your newsletter, and with influencers in your space to spark discussion and attract readers.

Engage with comments: Foster a dialogue by thoughtfully responding to readers' comments, questions, and counterpoints in the comments section.

How to access this template

Getting started with this opinion blog post template is easy. Just log into your Type account and open a new document.

Once you're in the document editor, select the "Generate" button to open the "Generate Draft" menu. Tap "Use template →" to open the template menu, where you can choose "Opinion Blog Post" from the options.

Your turn

Sharing your unique perspective through an opinion blog post is a powerful way to engage readers, spark conversations, and establish your expertise. Let Type and our handy template help you craft a compelling, persuasive piece in less time.

Try Type out and see how easy it is to make your opinion heard through your blog.

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