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Summary: A TikTok user shows how Type helps them write. They show how Type's AI makes their writing process faster and better. They share their screen and show how easy Type is to use. And they highlight how much better their content is when they use Type.



[On-screen visual]: A woman is typing on her laptop. She looks like she just had a good idea.

[Voiceover]: I just had my mind blown by this new AI writing product.

[Textover]: AI-first doc editor

Scene 1

[On-screen visual]: The screen zooms in on the laptop screen, showing the Type document editor in action, with AI features being used to generate and transform text.

[Voiceover]: It's called Type and it's an AI-powered document editor designed specifically for the writing process.

[Textover]: AI designed for the writing process

Scene 2

[On-screen visual]: The woman is working on a draft of her next video script, we can see the title of her document, "3 lessons I learned in the corporate world", as she types.

[Voiceover]: The cool thing is that everything revolves around this document editor, which makes it really easy for me to write and edit like I normally would.

[Textover]: Write better, faster with AI

Scene 3

[On-screen visual]: Screen zooms into a particular paragraph on the document that's opened.

[Voiceover] But then when I need help, I can just use these AI features right inline. Here, I wrote a first draft for a new video script I'm working on but I don't really like this section.

I can just highlight it and tap "Improve." Type's AI will improve what I've written and let me replace my text with the improved version.

[Textover]: Inline AI assistance

Scene 4


[On-screen visual]: The creator opens up a new tab in her browser, types "type.ai", and navigates to the Type homepage.

[Voiceover]: This app is free to try and they have a mobile version that's also good. So give it a try and let me know what you think.

[Textover]: Free trial at type.ai

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