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I was laid off from Nutrio, along with 399 other employees, a couple of weeks ago.

While I’m disappointed that my time there has come to an end, I’m excited to explore new opportunities where I can apply my skills.

To my LinkedIn community, here’s how you can help:

  • Let me know if you’re open to referrals for senior data positions.
  • Introduce me to Swift programming experts — I’m actively looking to improve my understanding of the language.
  • Share or like this post to extend its reach.

Previously, I’ve worked in data science and analytics for 10 years now, specializing in user experience. At Nutrio, I improved the provider portal and built out a great team that included Hassan Khoury, Antonio Vega, and Jacqueline Robinson. I’d like to thank Roberta Cho for inviting me all those years ago to join the nutrition journey, and my mentor Jim Kim for encouraging me to take the leap. 

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Getting laid off can be a jarring and demoralizing experience. It's normal to feel a range of emotions, from shock and anger to fear and self-doubt. However, once the initial sting subsides, it's important to take proactive steps to set yourself up for your next opportunity.

One of those steps is writing a LinkedIn post announcing your layoff and letting your network know you're open to new roles. While it may feel vulnerable to share this news publicly, doing so can open doors and accelerate your job search in several ways:

  • Informing your connections that you're available for new opportunities
  • Expanding your reach to second and third-degree contacts who may be hiring
  • Allowing others to support you with leads, recommendations, and encouragement
  • Controlling the narrative around your layoff in a professional, forward-looking way
  • Demonstrating your resilience, proactivity, and growth mindset to potential employers

By crafting a thoughtful, optimistic post, you'll be able to tap into the power of your network, uncover hidden job opportunities, and take a confident step forward in your career.

How to write an effective LinkedIn post about your layoff

What goes into a layoff announcement that inspires your network to rally around you? Here are the key components:

  1. An attention-grabbing opening line that gets right to the point
  2. A brief explanation of your layoff that focuses on the facts, not emotions
  3. A few of your key strengths and the types of roles you're seeking
  4. A clear call-to-action for how your network can help or support you
  5. An optimistic outlook on your future and enthusiasm for what's next
  6. Relevant hashtags to improve visibility (e.g. #OpenToWork, #JobSearch)

LinkedIn layoff post template and outline

[insert an opening sentence about your layoff: your company, how many were impacted, and when it happened].

While I’m heartbroken about the decision, I’m choosing to direct my energy toward excitement for my next opportunity. [A list of action items your LinkedIn following and community can do to help you out]

  • [What kind of opportunities you’re looking for, what you’re hoping to do next]
  • [Recommendations about something you’re going to do to improve your skills in the meantime]
  • [Something fun and personal, or encourage someone to engage with the post]

[1-3 sentences about your experience, what you’ve worked on in the past (ideally most recently), a link to your work].

[1-2 sentences tagging your former teammates, mentors, and any other professional colleagues in your network]

[Hashtags relevant to your industry, role, and #opentowork]

Best practices and tips for posting to LinkedIn about your layoff

Sharing your layoff on LinkedIn requires striking the right balance of vulnerability and professionalism. Here are some best practices to maximize the impact of your post:

Optimize your profile before you post. Update your profile, resume, and website with any new changes so you’re ready to go. Review the descriptions of roles you’re interested in for common keywords you can include in your profile. 

Keep it concise and readable. Aim for under 200 words and don’t be afraid to format your post. Use line breaks, tags, and emojis if appropriate. 

Take advantage of LinkedIn’s social media capabilities. Tag a few close personal connections who can like and share your post. Engage with every comment to show your appreciation and gratitude.

How to use this template to post on LinkedIn about your lay off

Here's how to go from our general template to a personalized LinkedIn post in just a few clicks.

  1. Open up Type, click "New Document," and select the "LinkedIn post (layoff)" template from the gallery.
  2. Under "knowledge sources," you can include a link to your LinkedIn profile or resume. This will give the writing AI more context to work with.
  3. Hit "Generate," and watch as Type's writing AI creates a custom post for you in seconds.
  4. Refine the post with our Rewrite brushes. You can adjust the tone, shorten the text, enhance readability, and more.
  5. Add your own personal touches and specific details about your situation and goals. If you need some ideas, brainstorm with Type Chat, a chatbot that lives right next to your document.
  6. When you're done, ask Type to review your work for any grammar or spelling mistakes. A polished, error-free post will help you maintain your professionalism.
  7. Copy your completed post from Type and share it on LinkedIn!

Your turn

Writing about your layoff on LinkedIn may feel uncomfortable at first, but it's a critical step in taking control of your career. The more authentic and action-oriented your post is, the more your network will be eager to help.

Use the tips and template provided here as a starting point, then use Type make them your own. Be clear about what you're looking for, and let your unique personality and strengths shine through. And lastly, remain objective. Stick to the facts—no matter how negative your previous experience, try to focus on the positive like the opportunities of the future.

Getting laid off is never easy, but with the right mindset and approach, it can be the catalyst for an exciting new chapter. Your dream job is out there - it's time to leverage LinkedIn to go find it.

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