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Quince Reagan Polarized Acetate Sunglasses review

Affordable and aesthetic fun in the sun.

Sunglasses are a summer staple, but finding the perfect pair that balances style, affordability, and quality can be a challenge. Enter Quince's Reagan Polarized Acetate Sunglasses. These unisex shades offer a classic silhouette with a modern twist, making them a versatile accessory for any warm-weather outfit.

What we liked: it met nearly all our goals

  • Polarization
  • Premium weight
  • Price point
  • Classic, timeless silhouette
  • (Model-specific) fun colorway

What could be better: sad if it doesn't fit

  • Lack of size variety or additional features
  • Only model with this colorway

Other notes

  • Can wear in overcast conditions and see just fine (not too dark)
  • However, you might find yourself still squinting ever so slightly if you looked at a white surface on a cloudless, raw-sun day
  • We found it difficult to adjust the temples

Technical specs

Price: $50 (free shipping!)

Where we bought it from: Quince


  • Lens Width: 48mm
  • Bridge width: 21mm
  • Temple length: 140mm


  • Frame: Acetate from a plant-based alternative
  • Lens: CR-39, a lightweight, impact-resistant plastic polymer commonly used in eyeglasses and sunglasses

Protection: UV400, polarized

Made in: China

Model: Clear Taupe with Pink lens

Requirements & Nice-to-haves

What we looked for:

  • Aesthetic, fun-colored sunglasses
  • UV protection
  • Sub-$100

Bonus points

  • Polarized lenses

Across our staff, we found that most of us have your typical black-lensed sunglasses. One of our writers, Julia Davids, mentioned that they've always been interested in colored plastic sunglasses but were concerned about sun protection. Thus, our search for high-quality, funky sunglasses was born.

Our staff's collective sunglass collection ranged from the various Luxottica brands to $20-ish shades from city street vendors and gas stations. For legitimate protection from the sun, we figured our pick product would probably cost more than $30, but we wanted to see if we could keep the price below the average Ray-Ban.

Overall appearance: tickled pink

The Reagan sunglasses come in 3 colorways: amethyst tortoise with gray lens, clear taupe with pink lens, and black with gray lens. Per the assignment of this review, we chose the clear taupe option.

In-person, "taupe" is a better way to describe the frame itself, as it does tend to lean more brown than a pink-pink. However, the frame's translucency gives it a subtlety that looks better on the face.

The lenses are, in fact, a true pink—to the point that they make you truly understand the phrase "rose-colored glasses." Our testers all agreed that the tint made the world 10% more fun and pretty to look through, at least over traditional black, sepia, and blue lenses.

Fit & feel: one-size does not fit all, but will fit most

Quince describes the Reagan with a rectangular shape. The site also lists the hinge-to-hinge measurement at 124.5mm and that the glasses are meant for more narrow faces.

Some of our testers who normally wear wide sunglasses had a harder time with the Reagans, but some also found that they surprisingly still fit. The arms did press a little on their temples, so keep that in mind if you plan on wearing these for long periods of time.

Overall, these Quince sunglasses have a pleasant, premium weight—they don't feel flimsy like cheaper acetate sunglasses tend to do, but not so heavy that your face or ears feel tired from them.

For those with low nose bridges, we found that nose pad adhesives made a huge difference in the wearability.

Lens quality: rose-crystal clear

Quince uses CR-39 for all their sunglasses. CR-39 stands for Columbia resin #39, a standard plastic. It blocks 80% of ultraviolet light without treatment and then can be tinted or coated to provide further protection.

Even though CR-39 is durable, we don't recommend these sunglasses for contact-sport wear or to be used instead of safety gear.

Looking through the Reagan's lens felt clear and crisp. There was no visual distortion, save for the funky colors you occasionally see thanks to polarization.

Research & competition

These are some other popular sunglasses we looked into.

The runner-up

If you're looking for fun colors (and names), look no further than Goodr. This brand offers dozens of different models at different sizes and colors, most of which are under $50! Even getting a polarized pair doesn't break the bank. They're lightweight, and most are non-slip. Testers who enjoy running mentioned that they would probably invest in a pair.

As someone on Reddit describes, "they are the highest quality cheap sunglasses I own."

Ultimately, these didn't win first place in our review for a few reasons:

  • We couldn't get behind the mirrored lens, which many of the models use.
  • Testers found the weight on the flimsier side.
  • It reminded many of corporate swag, rather than something fashionable.

Other options

  • Warby Parker Fletcher sunglasses. We liked the different size and frame color options. However, the Fletcher sunglasses did not come in unique colors and customizing the colorway on the polarized model cost an extra $50, on top of the $95 model.
  • EyeBuyDirect is the reigning champion of customizable eyewear. They offer a variety of models of every shape and size. Lilia and Gouache were similar options to the Reagan in terms of funkiness. They don't come with polarization included (extra $40-69), but they do offer multiple polarization color options.
  • We've been seeing the name Crap Eyewear around. Their Heavy Tropix sunglasses accommodate medium to wide faces, as hinge-to-hinge these sunglasses measure 129.5mm. Crap Eyewear is slightly more expensive, and the website doesn't say anything about polarization.
  • Australian sunglasses brand Quay offers a ton of different sunglasses. Their Icy model is rather icy—it comes with a lot of features such as nose pads to fit all facial structures. While their polarized options don't come in fun colors, they still clock in at sub-$100 prices.


Quince's Reagan Polarized Acetate Sunglasses offer a compelling combination of style, quality, and affordability. While they may not be the most feature-rich or customizable option on the market, the classic design with a modern twist, polarized lenses, and plant-based acetate construction make them a solid choice for those seeking a fun and functional summer accessory.


What is Quince? Is it a legit brand?

Quince is a direct-to-consumer brand that sells fashion and home goods for affordable prices. They carry products made out of quality materials such as 100% cotton clothes or Japanese Damascus steel kitchen knives. The brand prides itself on sustainable and ethical production at affordable prices.

Quince was founded in 2018 by Sid Gupta, who serves as the CEO.

What is Quince's return policy?

You can return Quince products for a full refund or exchange within 365 days (one year) of the purchase date, provided that you still have the original tags and boxes. You can read their full return policy here.

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